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FF Ian Haggerty is pinned by his fater after completing training for the Southbridge Fire Department

William Carrico II was appointed chief of the Halifax, MA FD on 9/1/09.
Arthur Hallowell, former Weston Firefighter and long-time Boston area buff passed away on August 1, 2014 in Port Richey FL at age 84. Rest In Peace Art.
FF Buddy Hallowell of the Londonderry, NH FD.
Hampton, NH Firefighters at the Tough Mudder competition in Mt. Snow VT to benefit the wounded warriors in May 2010- Craig Jordan, Jason Newman, Nate Denio, Jed Carpentier (Marine Vet), Kevin Lavigne, Dean Tsonas, Brian Akerley, Craig Magner.
Hampton, NH vintage candids
Hanson, MA- Keith Wilson is sworn in as Lieutenant and pinned by his son on February 24, 2015
Hanson, MA- FF/P Charlie Barends and Tim Royer present a plaque from Local 2713 to LT Paul Proudman on January 25,2015 for his retirement after 34 years of service to the Hanson Fire Department. As tradition, Badge #"L6" is retired by the hanging of the t-shirt in the apparatus bay.
Hanson MA Fire Chief Jerry Thompson and his son Jerry, a call-firefighter.
Hanson, MA Firefighters at a fire scene in Whitman on 12/11/13. Pictured are firefighters Jared Murphy, Jim VanBibber, Kevin Mossman and Lieutenant Gary Smith.
Hanson, MA 7/14/10- The Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team and Hanson FD worked for several hours to free a horse who fell through a rotted floor at 158 Brook Street in Hanson. The horse had to be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries.
Hanson, MA Firefighters on 5/25/09 performing RIT Training.  
Hanson, MA Full Time and Call Firefighters attended Safety Day at Shaws Supermarket in 2009.  
Firefighters from Hanson, MA 4/12/09.

This picture was taken on 5/25/16 of Hartford, CT District 1 Aide Tony Guiliano and District 1 DC Leigh Shapiro. It was Tony’s last day before retiring.
Hartford, CT 10/13/14- funeral for Firefighter Kevin Bell, killed in the line of duty on October 7, 2014

Hartford, CT 3/28/13- 51 new recruits graduate the HFD academy.
Hartford, CT 8/30/12- fire scene
Hartford, CT 7/2/12- a federal grant check for $3.3 million dollars is presented to the fire chief and Mayor Segarra by Senators Lieberman and Blumenthal, and Congressman Grant.
Hartford, CT 9/3/11
Hartford, CT 6/7/11.
Hartford, CT 6/5/11.
Hartford, CT Engine 7 crew in January of 2011.
Hartford, CT 12/11/10.
Hartford, CT fire scene 10/12/10.
Hartford, CT fire scene 10/11/10.
Hartford, CT fire scene 8/9/10.
Hartford, CT fire scene on 6/7/10.
Hartford, CT 5/23/10- Members of the Vernon and Tolland, CT Fire Departments participate in a live fire training exercise.
Hartford, CT fire scene on 5/10/10.
Hartford, CT fire scene on 3/25/10.
Hartford CT on 2/13/10.
Hartford, CT fire scene 1/30/10.
Hartford, CT 1/20/10.
Candid photos from the Hartford CT Fire on 4/30/09.  
Candid photos from a fire in Hartford, CT on 4/14/09 (2 alarms, 1908 Broad Street.)  
Firefighters from Hartford, CT repack hose after a fire.  
Candids from a fire in Hartford, CT on 3/21/09 (183 Wethersfield Ave)  
Deputy Tim Harhen of the East Bridgewater, MA FD.
Harvard, MA Muster Team in 2010.
Iona-McGregor, FL Fire Fighters- Lieutenant Steve Greenberg, FF Kirby Bradford and FF Dave Hinton.
Lieutenant Harry Hatch of the Saylesville, RI Fire Department at a fire in Lincoln.
Haverhill Fire Museum Opening Day 2014- Dottie The Dalmation,Walter Curran and Fire Fighter Kieth Baldwin.
Hebron, CT controlled burn 3/2/13- L-R Lt. Drew Mitchell, Lt. Jeff Schiavi, FF Greg Dombroski, Lt. Matt Troy, FF Bill Longo, Prob. FF Bill Campbell.
Hebron, CT fire scene on 11/29/10.
FF Rick Heenan of the Brockton, MA FD  
Brian Herman of the Somerville, MA FD is a also a member of the Worcester Pipes and Drums.
Holden, MA Group 1 L-R LT Smith, FF Cobb, FF Poznanski, FF Hanna. FF Cobb on one of last shifts before taking the reins as Fire Chief of Princeton.
Holden, MA Muster Team in 2010.
Hollis, NH Fire Department at a training burn in January of 2013
Holliston, MA 9/24/11- Holliston, MA Firefighters gathered to say farewell to retired Fire Chief Donald Dawson.
From 1964: The Holliston, MA ambulance crew with their 1952 Cadillac.  
Holyoke, MA DC Robert Authier and South Hadley MA FF Evan Briant at a St. Patrick's Day Parade.  
FF Bill Hood of the Swampscott, MA FD taken in 1983.
Steve Hooke from Norfolk County Control and his family.  
Hopedale, MA Firefighters at the 7th annual MDA Chili Challenge on 3/13/11.
Hopedale 7/6/10 fire scene.
From Hopedale MA 3/24/09- Photo 1- Peter Ballou, Teddy Wagner, Derek Murdock. Photo 2- Teddy Wagner and Tom Betchart.  
Hopkinton, MA Memorial Sunday Services on 6/10/12.
Hopkinton, MA 4/25/12- Dive drill at Hopkinton State Park with Ashland, Framingham, Hopkinton, and Northboro FD's.
Hopkinton, MA 6/13/10- Retired Hopkinton, MA Firefighter Bill Hamilton places a wreath during the Memorial Sunday service.
Hopkinton, MA 1/30/10- hosted an ice rescue drill with Holliston, Ashland, Northborough, and Sherborn.
Hopkinton, MA Firefighter Tom MacIntyre signals the all out during Hopkinton's Memorial Sunday on 6/14/09.  
Hopkinton, MA's new Chief Ken Clark has his badge pinned on his uniform by his wife Marie in a ceremony on 5/13/09.  
Hopkinton, MA Chief Ken Clark with a dog that was rescued from a vehicle that had live electrical wires fall on it.  
Hudson, NH Deputy Chief John O'Brien
Hudson, NH Lieutenant Sean Mamone
On February 12, 2015, two Hudson, NH Explorers volunteered to assist Nashua Fire shovel Hydrants on their day off from school. They shoveled out 65 hydrants in the Crown Hill section of Nashua. The Hudson chief provided them with one of the explorer post advisors and a department vehicle so they could help out. In the photo are Hudson Fire Explorers Dylan Conway and Phil Justvig.
Hudson, NH Explorer Post and Advisors in March of 2013.
Hudson, NH FF's wear pink t-shirts while on duty for the month of October 2012.
Hudson, NH 3/1/12- LT Jim Paquette and FF Dean Sulin at a fire scene at 19 Sullivan Road.
Hudson, NH Ice Training on 2/1/12.
Hudson, NH 5/12/10- Captain Kevin Grebinar and Firefighter Sean Mamone
Stoneham Firefighter Chris Humber and his lovely family.  
Auxiliary FF Sarah Hurkett of the Woburn, MA Auxiliary FD.