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Boston Fire PIO Steve MacDonald
Madawaska, ME- Rookie School for Northern Aroostook County that took place on May 21 and 22, 2011.
FF Mike Madden of the Sharon, MA FD training in an overturned tanker simulator at the Mass Academy.
Malden, MA Captain Roy Tribble retired on July 11, 2015 after 40+ years of service.
Malden, MA Deputy Chief Bill Sullivan
Malden, MA candid from a fire on 5/9/14
Malden, MA 10/29/13, fire on Medford Street
Malden, MA 1/9/10. -
Police Officer Jack Maguire of the Woburn, MA PD was shot and killed in the line of duty in December of 2010. These photos are from the funeral procession on 12/31/10. -
Malden, MA 1975- Captain Jackie Murphy and FF Ernie LeBlanc at a one room fire.
Malden, MA 1977- FF Louie Brandano and LT Bill Kellogg.
Malden, MA Honor Guard in the 1987 Memorial Day Parade.
FF Dan Maloney of the Cambridge, MA FD retired in November of 2012 after 41 years of service.
Manchester, CT- David Billings was sworn in as Fire Chief on 9/10/14
Manchester, CT fire scene on 6/22/13
Manchester, CT Engine 1 Crew, March 2013- FF Regan, FF/PM Sheller and LT Lambert.
Manchester, CT 3/15/12 candid.
Manchester, CT 2/27/12 candid.
Manchester CT 9/10/11.
Manchester, CT 9/11/11 service. -
Manchester, CT fire scene on 1/24/11.
Manchester, CT fire scene on 11/14/10.
Manchester, CT 7/11/10 fire scene.
Manchester, CT 4/28/10.
Manchester, CT conducted RIT training on 3/9/10. - -
Manchester, CT conducted ice rescue training on Saulters Pond on 2/20/10. -
Manchester, CT 1/16/10.
A candid shot from Manchester CT with members of Engine 2 and Car 23 along with a Manchester police officer and the pilot of the aircraft.  
Manchester, NH Firefighters and Professional Firefighters of NH Pipes and Drums marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade on 3/20/16
Manchester, NH Honor Guard at the fire prevention parade on 10/4/15.
Manchester, NH Captain Brendan Burns
Manchester, NH candids from a fire on 12/27/14
Manchester, NH FF Josh Carpentier
Manchester, NH FF Mike Leafe
Manchester, NH District Chief Mike Gamache
Manchester, NH Rescue 1 Lt Max Chiasson and Enginge 6 Lt Ed Ameen
Manchester, NH District Chief Corbeil retired in July of 2014 after 35 years of service
A Manchester, NH FF helps an elderly woman cross the street during a February 2014 snow storm
Manchester, NH 10/6/13- Firefighters participated in New Hampshire's Stair Climb in memory of those killed on 9/11/01.  
Manchester, NH Station 4 Dedication in May of 2013
Manchester, NH Engine 9 Crew 8/24/12- FF Charlie Hatfield, Captain Brendan Burns, and FF Steve Pearson.
Manchester, NH Rescue 1 Group 4- FF Keith Gelinas, LT Pete Franggos, FF Steve Barton, and FF Tom Defina.
Manchester, NH Stair Climb 9/11/11- Members of Middleton, MA Fire Department FF Conor Brown and Andy LeColst (front row L to R), Newton, NH FF Andrew Owens (Back Left) and FF Dr. Peter Beauparlant, and FF Brittany Boulanger also of MFD. 110 Flights for the 343 fallen FF's of 9/11/01.
Manchester, NH Engine 9, Shift 4 7/27/11- From right to left: Captain Stanley Garrity, FF Charles Thibeault, FF Brian Delahanty. July 27th was Charles Thibeault's last shift before retiring after 27 years on the job.
Manchester, NH 6/9/11- Engine 7, Shift 4 crew.
Manchester, NH 8/3/10 fire scene. -
Manchester, NH Engine 7/Truck 7 crews- Lt Steve L'heureux, FF Robert Beltz, FF Jim Provencher, FF Josh Charpentier, FF Dave Mills and LT Jon Starr.
Manchester, NH Engine 11 crew taken in 2010- FF Kurt Ludwig, FF Jay Rouleau, LT Brendan Burns, and FF John Sullivan.
Manchester, NH Truck 1 crew taken in 2010- FF Joel Monroe, LT Bruce Phillips, FF Steve Barton, and FF John Foley.
Manchester, NH fire scene on 6/7/10.
FF/Paramedic Candice Mangan of the Winchester, MA FD.  
Mansfield, MA fire scene on 4/12/10. -
Mansfield, CT 1/11/10.
From the Mansfield, MA FD- Russ Stering, Bruce Naslund, Justin Desrosiers, and Keith Hodson.  
Call Firefighter Kyle Marcinkiewicz of the Ashland, MA Fire Department.
Marlboro, MA 4/23/12- Fire Marshal Stephen Coan and Deputy Fire Marshal Peter Ostioskey at the scene of a 6 alarm fire
Marlboro, MA 12/12/11- Engine 2, Shift 3.
Marlboro MA FF Chris Bishop with Hudson MA FF Matt LaBossiere and Northboro MA Call FF Mike Burnell.  
Marshfield, MA hosted a Plymouth County Technical Rescue collapse drill on 10/14/09.  
The Late Great Wilmington, VT Captain Robert Maynard Sr (red shirt) won the VT State Firefighter of the Year in 1985. The annual convention was held that year in West Dover. The picture shows the guys putting the finishing touches on Wilmington Engine 4 (1971 S model Maxim) before the parade.
Retired Nashua LT Brian Marquis and his son Tim also of Nashua Fire.
Funeral for Rehoboth, MA Firefighter Ken Marshall Jr on 12/2/10. - -
Mass Fire Academy Springfield Location Dedication, 12/1/15
Firefighters from the MA Army National Guard 180th FF Det L to R SPC Dan Bain (104th Fighter Wing FD) SPC Andrew Ferrara (MMR Fire), SSG Robert Rogowski (MMR Fire), SGT Scott Fritscher (Barre Fire), SPC Andrew McAllister (Pease AFB Fire) and SGT David Deprizito (Lynn Fire) provided joint wild fire training to the Paraguayan Air Force Firefighters, Paraguayan Civilian firefighter Bomberos, and the Paraguayan national ambulance service members in Asuncion Paraguay.
Members of the MA Army National Guard 180th Firefighting Detachment currently deployed to Bulgaria to provide fire protection for Novo Selo Training Range. Pic L to R: SSG Rob Rogowski, SPC Phil Tessier, SPC Josh Montesi, SPC Joe Lecza, SGT David Deprizito, PFC Ryan Holway, and SPC Chris Ercolani. These soldiers are also civilian firefighters representing Mass. Military Reservation local S-28, Millville Fire Teamsters 170, North Brookfield Fire, Barre Fire, Providence Fire local 799, Lynn Fire local 739.
Mass District 14 Tech Rescue team at a quarry rescue in Ashland on 6/10/12.
Massachusetts District 14 Technical Rescue Team practice at a drill in Hopkinton on 1/9/12.
Mass District 14 Technical Rescue Team conducted a trench rescue drill on 9/13/11.
Mass District 14 Technical Rescue Team conducted this training on 9/14/11 that simulated a van going into a horn trench.
Massachusetts District 14 Technical Rescue Team held a drill in Framingham on 6/14/11.
Mass District 14 Tech Rescue team training in Hopkinton on 3/8/11.
The Mass District 14 Technical Rescue team held a drill in Milford on 3/9/10.
The Mass District 14 Technical Rescue Team held a training session on 2/9/10.
Mass Fallen FF's Memorial 9/11/08 ceremony
Mass Fire Academy 9/28/12- Hudson FF Matt LaBossiere, Marlboro FF Mike Burnell and Worcester FF Chris Bishop.
Mass Fire Academy Class 192 graduated on September 30, 2011. Included in the class were 4 Stoneham firefighters.
Mass Fire Academy Class 190 graduated on March 25, 2011. Photo 2- Fire Marshal Stephen Coan. Photo 3- Salem, MA FF Chris Palamara.
Mass Fire Academy 6/11/10 graduation. Photo 2- Mass Firefighting Academy Director Edmund Walker and Deputy Director Mark Pare. -
Mass Fire Academy Class 186 - 2/26/10 graduation.
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06 - Front Row L-R are graduates Brian Kelley and Ed Little. Back row from L-R: FF Richard McDonagh, Probational FF Recruit Class 173 Member Daniel Jackman, Deputy Chief Michael Brusseau, FF Scott Langille, Lt. Curt Chretian, Lt. Brian Brusseau, and FF Mike Chabot.
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06- MFA Recruit Class 172 graduate and class president, North Attleboro FF Brian Kelley and his Brother-in-law, Burlington MA FF Todd Ficociello. Brian wanted to offer his sincerest thanks to Todd for the kind words he said at the graduation.
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06
Mass Fire Academy Class 172 6/22/06
Mass Firefighter Combat Challenge 2010- John DeForest and John Woolery came in 2nd place in the Team Run Faster Backwards event. Photo 2- Team Springfield qualified in the relay. Shown here from L to R: Ty Denson, John DeForest, Chris DiPietro, and Jamie Erickson.
Ceremonies are prepared for the Mass Fire Academy Graduation on 11/20/09.  
LT Peter Massaro of the Smithfield, RI retired in 2010.
Massport Firefighters covering Chelsea on 8/31/14 during their 5 alarm fire
Massport Fire/Rescue October 2011- FF Joe Doherty, FF Colin Weeks, LT Mark Butler, and Captain Mark Monroe.
President Bob McCarthy retires from the PFFM after 24 years of union service.
Jim "Junior" McLaughlin of the Stoneham, MA FD.
Funeral procession for retired Winthrop, MA Firefighter Jim McLaughlin.
Lauri McMahon of the Iona McGregor, FL FD
Deputy Chief McMarrow of the Wrentham, MA FD responds to a Tier 1 Haz/Mat in Hanson on 9/4/09.  
McNeilly Educators EMT Class that graduated in May 2011.
Mechanic Falls, ME Department photo from the 1980's
Medfield, MA FF William Callow at a training burn in December of 2014
Medford, MA 7/7/10- Stoneham Firefighters at a fire - FF Sean Connelly, LT Matt Grafton, and FF Paul Sodergren.
Candid photos from a fire in Medford, MA on 3/21/09  
Medway, MA conducted a live fire drill at 25 Summer Street on November 21, 2009. Millis, Norfolk, Walpole, and Hilliston also participated.  
Medway, ME 2/14/14- Assistant Chief Jon Buckingham, Captain Chris Jacobs and Lieutenant Tim Pfaff.
Melrose, MA firefighters at a fire in Saugus on 1/6/16
Melrose, MA 1/15/14- firefighters at a working fire
Melrose, MA 11/22/13 - firefighters after an incident
Melrose, MA 2/16/13 fire scene.
Meredith, NH 2/3/12- Meredith was hosting the 3rd Annual New England Pond Hockey Classic Weekend put together by Scott Crowder when Lord Stanley's cup made a special appearance.
Meriden, CT 11/1/11.
Candid from fire in Merident CT on 10/31/09.  
Merriamc, MA 5/23/12- emergency crews load a MedFlight helicopter with a patient.
Merrimac MA Chief Spencer, Amesbury MA Chief Bricket, and Newburyport MA Chief Cutter.
Merrimac, MA 1/8/10
Candid photos from a fire in Merrimac, MA on 5/16/09  
Methuen, MA 5/28/12- FF's marching in parade.
Middlebury, VT Heavy Rescue Techs Kimbery Hall and Shyla Clark at the scene of a roll over in Weybridge on 1/3/12.
Middleton, NH 5/6/12- MFD Firefighters at a training burn in New Durham.
Milford, MA E3 crew January 2013 at a recent fire.
Milford, MA 8/13/10- Chief John Touhey and LT Pat Salmon.
Candid photo from a fire in Milford, MA on 4/9/09  
Milton, MA May 2014- firefighters bid farewell and best wishes to Deputy Chief Foley as he enters retirement
FF Jeremy Moeller of the Bowdoinham, ME FD.
Captain Mark Monroe of the Massport Fire/Rescue at Logan International Airport.
Fire Chief Brian Morrissey retired from the Nashua, NH Fire Department in May of 2015 after 37 years with the department.
Ed Morrissey (Jr) works his last tour with Weston, MA FD as he starts a new career in Cambridge.
Joe Morrissey of the famous Morrissey family of Cambridge Fire.
Former parters at the defunct Lifeline Ambulance Svc, John Morrisey (now working for Atlantic) and Ken Robishaw (now working for Action and Woburn FD) are reunited.  
FF William Morrisey of the Sharon, MA FD.  
DC Rocky Morrison of the Westwood, MA FD retired on 8/30/10.
Georgetown FF and U.S. Army Specialist Cameron R. Moyer.
IAFF District 3 Vice President Mike Mullane speaks at the rally in Lawrence in 2010.