Jack Cullen, a Boston attorney, used to walk the railroad tracks as a child near Boston Engine 21 picking up scraps of coal to bring home to his Mother. He would be sure to pass the quarters of Engine 21 and catch a glimpse of the shiny red fire engine and maybe an invite in for a chance to sit in the big seat. Fast forward to the 1960's and a job as an overnight reporter for the Boston Globe, chasing fires and crime along with photographer Danny Sheehan, Jack would always make it a point to stop in for a cup of coffee with the guy on the overnight floor patrol at 21. Jack became very friendly with the members of the company and would often hang out and buff at 21 when not working for the Globe even while attending law school Jack found it a great place hit the books and ride along with Jakes like Artie O'Leary, Neil and Mike Mullane, Tony Orlando and yes even Stewy the dog. Stop by Jack Cullens law office in Charlestown and you would never know you were in a law office, the walls and book cases are filled with photos of Engine 21 in action, members of the company and stories from Jack's days at the Globe. Bells, helmets and tappers are everywhere.

Don't worry about missing a job, the radio is always on! Oh yea, you wont find Jack in a suit, it's an Engine 21 job shirt for this attorney. While spending time at his summer getaway in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire Jack got the idea of building what every little kid who ever chased a fire engine down the street wanted .....his own firehouse! Jack had already purchased a 1955 Mack B85, which came off the line on 9/11/05, and needed a place to put it. A garage just wouldn't do it, so after meeting with a builder, ground was broken on a 7100 sq ft custom firehouse. Finished in 2004, it has two bays, so Jack went out picked up a 1950 Ford custom sedan and refurbished it to look like District 7.

The firehouse is bigger than most homes, it is two stories, has a master suite on the second floor along with a TV/reading room separating the master suite from the bunk room which has 8 bunks. There is also a custom made brass pole to make the trip to the main floor. The first floor has Jack's office, a living room with a full kitchen, and a long hallway that leads to the apparatus floor where Engine 21 and Car 7 are stored. In the back of the apparatus floor is the patrol room where you can relax and read a book. Don't forget to sign the company journal. Throughhout the firehouse are photos, tools of the trade, and memorabilia from past and present. The firehouse has speakers through out, and soon the tapper will tap out boxes from Boston. The firehouse has been used by the New Hampshire fire chiefs for meetings and always has a buff or two sitting on the apron.

If you're in the Waterville Valley area and want to stop in for a cup of coffee, call the firehouse and most likely you'll find Jack there on the weekends with the doors up and the coffee on. 603-726-3678 or 603-726-2021.