7/21/18- Just to let everyone that submits photos know, I am streamlining the department pages and will be no longer posting certain types of vehicles. I will no longer be posting photos or keeping track of information for staff vehicles and trailers at the firenews.org website. While I know some people enjoy the completeness of the department profiles, I simply don't have to time and can't keep up with all the changes. Last week I spent well over 10 hours on the site, and several hours of that was devoted to vehicles such as fire prevention and the cars the new guys go and get lunch in. I need to cut it back a little bit so I can get everything in. I will of course keep up with apparatus rosters including ambulances and will also post some of the other vehicles such as shift commander vehicles and maybe some of the other utility type vehicles. But, I'm not going to do chief cars, fire prevention, general staff cars, the stuff jammed out behind DPW that no one uses or trailers from this point forward. This will free up time so I can get the stuff people are generally more interested in online and still have time to do what I need to do in my personal life. I just won't be using them on firenews.org. Thanks for your understanding.