2/1/15- As you probably have noticed, there have been some changes to the site. First was the new logo. My daughter designed it for me and I think it came out awesome. With that, I've implemented a new design for the site. While the set up is pretty much the same, the look is different with a new background image and color background for text areas. After a brief survey, the populous out there decided upon almond over the other colors as it was found to be the easiest on the eyes when trying to read. Page titles and the Respect the Pic messages have a red background. Also, I have replaced text links in the table of contents on the home page with button images. The table has also been made less wide to help those viewing the site on mobile devices. The main pages of the site have been updated to this new graphic format, but it will take time to phase out the "blue background" site wide that you have all grown accustomed to. I felt after many years of the blue, it was time for a change. And with the new logo, this seemed like a good time to implement it. Hope you all like the new look. As I enter the 18th year of doing this site, I just wanted to thank everyone that comes to the site and makes Northeast Firenews a popular site to be on. Special thanks to everyone that emails me with photos, news and information updates. Your help is what keeps the site fresh and updated.

12/22/14- I would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy holiday season and hope that your 2015 brings much happiness and joy. I have completed the project that gives every agency their own page in the agency listings. Every fire department, independent fire company, EMS agency, emergency management agency, ect now has their own page rather than being all listed together under the community in which they serve. The exception is fire companies that fall under the umbrella of a unified fire department or service. In the case of communities that have more than one fire company, each companies page has links on it to the other fire companies that serve the same communities. Likewise with fire departments and community run emergency medical services. In addition, the main "table of contents" area for the agency listings has been streamlined. All of this was done to try and make it as easy as possible to help you find what you are looking for. Due to all the linking and code changes, there might be a few pages that don't come up when you click on a link. If that happens, just let me know and I will fix the error.