Barre Town, VT Engine 3- 2014 HME Silverfox 1250/1000/A
Brandon, VT Tanker 1- 2014 Kenworth T300/KME 1000/2000
Burlington, VT Rescue 2- 2013 Ford F-450/Osage ambulance
Charlotte Rescue, VT Ambulance 1- 2014 Ford F-450/Osage ambulance
Chester, VT Engine 1- 2013 International/E-One 1250/1250/30F
Colchester Rescue, VT Rescue 1- 2013 ford F-450 ambulance
Craftsbury, VT 37W1- 2013 Sterling/2005 Osco 3500 gallon tanker
Danby/Mt Tabor, VT Engine 2- 2013 International/E-One 1250/1000/30F
Essex, VT Engine- 2014 International/E-One 1000 Gal
Georgia, VT Tanker 1- 2014 Freightliner/E-One 2000 Gal
Ludlow, VT Engine 2- 2014 KME 1500/1000 rescue/pumper
Morrisville, VT Tanker 2- 2014 Freightliner/Valley 1500/1500
Newport, VT Rescue 5- 2014 Spartan/Pemfab/Rescue One heavy rescue
Proctor, VT Engine 1- 2014 E-One Typhoon 1500/1000
Richmond Rescue, VT Ambulance 1- 2014 Chevy 4500/Braun ambulance
Rutland City, VT Engine 2- 2014 Pierce Velocity 2000 GPM/1250 Gal
Springfield, VT Tanker 1- 2013 Kenworth/2001 Osco 3000 gal tanker
Thetford, VT Engine 2- 2014 E-One Typhoon Tradition 1250/750
Vermont Air National Guard RIV- 2014 Ford F-550 400 gallon rapid intervention vehicle
Waitsfield, VT Tanker 1- 2013 International/E-One 500/3000
Williston, VT Rescue 2- 2014 Ford F450/Osage ambulance
Worcester, VT Engine 2- 2013 Ford F-550/HME Ahrens Fox 1500/400


Bakersfield, VT - has received a Federal Grant in the amount of $22,040 for 8 sets of Firefighter Turn Out Gear and 8 Wild land Firefighting Jumpsuits.

Bellows Falls, VT - has received a Federal Grant in the amount of $49,400 for 20 sets of FF Turn Out Gear.

Bennington Rural, VT- has elected Wayne Davis as the new fire chief.

Bradford, VT voters overturn approval for fire truck. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Brattleboro, VT new fire station on hold. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Brattleboro, VT- Drew Hazelton has been named as the Chief of Operations in charge of Brattleboro Rescue.

Bridgewater, VT- First Assistant Chief Ed Earle has been named Fire Chief following Chief Bruce Maxham stepping down after 16 years as chief.

Burlington, VT - has received a Federal Grant in the amount of $168,608 for 22 Firefighter Breathing Apparatus and 27 Additional Face Pieces.

Concord, VT Fire Department– has received a Federal grant in the amount of $1,653 for Emergency Medical equipment.

Fletcher Allen, VT Critical Transport (FACT)- has changed their name to The University of Vermont Health Network Critical Care Transport.

Middlebury, VT Fire Department- Assistant Chief David Shaw has been selected to be the new fire chief.

Newbrook, VT- Engine 3's 1996 Pierce Saber has returned to service after being refurbished.

Pittsford, VT- has taken delivery of a 1998 E-One 75' quint with 1500 GPM pump and 500 gallong tank. It was purchased form the North Ridgefield, OH Fire Department to replace the 1982 American LaFrance 75' Water Chief Quint.

Putney, VT Fire Department- Engine 2's 1995 E-One Cyclone 1500/1000 has returned to the department after being refurbished at the E-One plant in Florida.

Vermont Firefighting Academy- has received a Federal grant in the amount of $205,785 for Protective Gear, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and an Air Refill Station.

West Pawlet, VT- has received a Federal grant in the amount of $112,789 to purchase an Air Refill System and 11 Firefighter Breathing Apparatus.

Williamstown, VT- has appointed 22-year-old William Graham as the new volunteer fire chief.

Williston, VT- Engine 4's 1992 International/Dingee 1000/1600 has been taken out of service and sold to Madison, NY.

Wolcott, VT- has purchased former Rutland City, VT Engine 2's 1992 Sutphen 1250/1000.