Alburgh, VT- 1997 HME/Luverne pumper (ex Leland Twp, MI)
Barre City, VT Truck 30- 2017 HME 2000/500/104' RM Twr
Benson, VT Engine 1- 2017 Freightliner/Pierce 1250/1500
Enosburgh, VT Engine 1- 2017 HME/Ahrens Fox 1750/1000
Essex, VT Engine 1- 2017 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/1000
Essex, VT Tanker 1 or 4- 2017 Kenworth/Pierce 1500/4000
Fairfield, VT Engine 1- 2017 Ford F-550/E-One mini pumper
Huntington, VT Engine 1- 2017 Freightliner/E-One
Jay, VT Eng- 2006 Spartan/Toyne 1500/500 (purch used)
Killington, VT Tanker- 2017 Mack/KME 3,000 gallon
Lyndon Rescue, VT Ambulance 94- 2017 Dodge Ram 3500/Demers ambulance
Mallets Bay (Colchester, VT) Ladder 3- 2017 E-One Typhoon 1500/300/75' RMA
Northfield, VT Engine 2- 2017 E-One pumper
Rockingham, VT Tanker 1- 2017 Freightliner/KME 3000 gal
Rutland Town, VT Engine 1- 2017 Spartan Metro Star/Toyne 1500/1500
St. Michael's College, VT Engine 9- 2017 E-One 1500/1000
Sharon, VT Engine 2- 2016 Dodge 5500/VTEC 1250/300/30F
Washington, VT Tanker 1- 2017 International/E-One
Wells River, VT Engine 1- 2017 KME pumper
Wolcott, VT Engine 1- 2017 Freightliner/Toyne 1500/1250


Barnard, Vermont Fire Department- is in the process of building a new fire station.

Barnard, Vermont Fire Department- Fire Chief saves station from fire. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Brattleboro, Vermont Fire Department- is now operating out of their new West Brattleboro Station. The new station was built at the site of the former station at 16 South Street.

Champion Fire Company of South Londonderry, Vermont Fire Department has been awarded a Federal grant in the amount of $84,096 for Firefighter Breathing Apparatus.

Derby Line, Vermont Fire Department- has acquired a used International/Marion heavy rescue. Designated Rescue 2, it replaces a Chevy/Gerstenslager rescue.

Dorset, Vermont- fire departments discuss merger. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Essex, Vermont Fire Department- has sold their 2008 KME to the Unionville, NY Fire Department. It was replaced by a 2017 Pierce Arrow XT.

Ferrisburg, Vermont Fire Department has been awarded a Federal grant in the amount of $76,762 for 13 – Firefighter Breathing Apparatus.

Grand Isle, Vermont Fire Department- breaks ground on new fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Killington, Vermont Fire Department- moves foward on building new fire station and purchasing new fire apparatus. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Pittsford, Vermont Fire Department- has placed into service a 2016 Ford F-150 Super Crew Pickup Truck assigned as Utility 25-44.

Springfield, Vermont Fire Department- has been awarded a Federal grant in the amount of $260,000 to purchase new air packs.

Stowe Mountain, Vermont Rescue- gets grant for new equipment. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Vermont Firefighting Academy- has received a Federal grant in the amount of $426,925 for Firefighting Equipment and Protective / Turnout Gear.

Williston, Vermont Fire Department- has placed into service a 2017 Chevy Tahoe as Car 1.