Barre Town EMS, Ambulance 5- 2018 Ford E-450/Medix ambulance
Brattleboro, VT Engine 2- 2018 Pierce Saber 1500/1000
Burlington, VT Rescue 2- 2018 Ford F-450/Osage ambulance
Craftsbury, VT Engine 2- 2018 Ford F-550/HME 1500/300/F
Enosburgh EMS, VT Ambulance- 2017 Ford F-350/Braun Ambulance
Essex Rescue, Vermont Rescue 2- 2018 Ford F-450/Braun ambulance
Killington, VT Ladder 1- 2018 Pierce Ascendant 1500/500/107' RMA
Lowell, VT Tanker 1- 2017 Freightliner/Helie 3000 gallon
Middlebury, VT Ladder 1- 2017 HME Ahrens Fox 111' RMA
Missisquoi Valley Rescue (Swanton, VT)- 2017 Ford F-350/Wheeled Coach ambulance
Newport Center, CT Tanker 1- 2018 Freightliner/Helie 3500 gal
Plainfield, VT Engine 1- 2018 Freightliner/E-One 1250/1200
Randolph Village, VT– 2018 Spartan MetroStar/Toyne 2000/1000/30A-CAFS
Waitsfield, VT Engine 6- 2018 International/E-One 1250/1000
West Windsor, VT Tanker 1- 2018 Freightliner/Pierce 1250/1800
Williamstown, VT Engine 3- 2018 HME Ahrens Fox 1500/1000
Windsor, VT Ambulance 3- 2018 Ford E-350/Demers ambulance
Windsor, VT Ambulance 4- 2018 Ford E-350/Demers ambulance
Wolcott, VT Engine 1- 2017 Freightliner/Toyne 1500/1250


Barre Town, Vermont- town accepts fire district deed. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Posted in July.

Burlington, Vermont Fire Department- Chief supports regional dispatch. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in January.

Burlington, Vermont Fire Department- regional dispatch on March ballot. CLICK FIRE ARTICLE. Posted in January.

Burlington, Vermont Fire Department- Engine 2's 2003 E-One/LTI 1500/400/75' RMA and Engine 6's 1992 Pierce Lance 1500/750 have been removed from service and will be sold off now that the new Engine 1 and Engine 2 are in service. Former Engine 1's 2003 E-One pumper has been reassigned to Engine 6. Posted in February.

Burlington, Vermont- Police Officers oppose consolidation of regional dispatch. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in March.

Burlington, Vermont Fire Department- has hired St. Johnsbury (VT) Fire Chief Troy Ruggles as the new Battalion Chief of Training. Posted in April.

Corinth, Vermont- Corinth Fire and East Corinth Fire have merged into one Corinth Fire Department. Posted in January.

East Montpelier, Vermont Fire Department- during the later half of 2017, the department acquired a 2013 KME 1250/750 Rescue Pumper that was placed in service as Rescue 2. The 1994 Freightliner/E-One was sold. Posted in April.

Grand Isle, Vermont Fire Department- opens new fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in June.

Manchester, Vermont Fire Department- Fire Chief Philip Bourn will retire this month after 40 years of service. Posted in February.

Northfield Ambulance, Vermont- Ambulance 1 has returned to service after having the 2008 ambulance box remounted to a new 2018 Ford F-350 chassis. Posted in March.

Norwich, Vermont Fire Department- has named Alexander Northern as the new Fire Chief. Posted in May.

Orleans, Vermont Fire Department- dispatching duties to be handled by Newport Police. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in February.

Rutland City, Vermont Fire Department- has selected James L. Larsen, of Hampshire, IL to be the new Fire Chief. Posted in April.

Rutland Town, Vermont Fire Department- fire station to be replaced due to contamination. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in February.

Shelburne, Vermont Fire Department- alone in rejecting regional dispatch center. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in March.

South Burlington, Vermont Fire Department- Fire Chief Douglas Brent has announced he will retire on June 1st. Posted in May.

Vergennes, VT Fire Department- City Council puts $500,000 on ballot for new fire truck. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in January.

Williamstown, Vermont Fire Department- Select Board meeting rejects funds for new/used pumper. CLICK FOR ARTICLE. Posted in January.

Wilmington, Vermont Fire Department- long time firefighter Scott Moore has been appointed as the new Fire Chief. PPosted in January.

Winooski, Vermont Fire Department- has purchased a 2014 Sutphen 1500/1000 demo for Engine 1. Delivery is expected sometime in April. This will replace the current Engine 1 which will be sold. Posted in March.