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Week of April 24, 2017



Longtime Hopkinton, Mass Call Firefighter Thomas McIntyre passed away suddenly on April 23rd.

Little Compton, RI former Volunteer Firefighter Robert E. Teachman, 91, passed away on April 16th.



Crystal Lake (Ellington, CT) Tanker 142- 2017 Freightliner M-112 1250/3000
Durham, CT Engine 4- 2017 Spartan/4 Guys
East Hartford, CT Engine 1- 2017 Seagrave Marauder II 1250/500/20F
East Hartford, CT Ladder 2- 2017 Seagrave Marauder II 100' RMA
Killington, VT Tanker- 2017 Mack/KME 3,000 gallon
Northampton, MA Ambulance 3- 2016 International TerraStar/PL Custom ambulance
Northfield EMS, MA Ambulance 2- 2017 Ford F-550/Horton 4X4 ambulance
Shrewsbury, MA Engine 2- 2017 KME Predator 1500/750/25A/30B
U.S. Navy Groton, CT N 62- 2017 Pierce Saber 1250/750/F
Westhampton, MA Tanker 1- 2016 Freightliner FL-114/Firovac 750/2600
Worcester, MA Engine 12- 2017 E-One Cyclone II 1500/500/30B



Derby Line, Vermont Fire Department- has acquired a used International/Marion heavy rescue. Designated Rescue 2, it replaces a Chevy/Gerstenslager rescue.

Framingham, Mass Fire Department- has placed an order with Pierce for a new tower-ladder. Also, the department has acquired a former U.S. Army Stewart & Stevenson utility truck. It will be converted into a brush tanker by the department shops.

Windsor, Maine Fire Department- has purchased a 2003 International/KME rescue that previously served Woodsbury, MD.



Charlestown, Rhode Island Fire District- has changed Tanker 714's designation to Tanker 715.

East Haven, Connecticut Fire Department- has sworn in Matthew Marcarelli as the new Fire Chief.

Falmouth, Mass Fire Department- Firefighter Russell R. Ferreira, former union president, retired after 30 years of service.

Hallowell, Maine Fire Department- has reached an agreement to build a new fire station using up to $1 million in donated funds. It will be built a the site of the current fire station.

Hope Valley, Rhode Island Fire Department- has made the following changes to apparatus designations:
Tanker 916 is now Tanker 915
Brush 914 is now Brush 915
Engine 915 is now Engine 914

New Haven, Connecticut Fire Department- 35 promoted to officer ranks. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Norton, Mass Fire Department- hopes to reopen their substation with proposition 2 1/2 override were dashed when the override failed to pass at town meeting.

Pittston, Maine Fire Department- has broken ground on the new fire station on Route 194 in East Pittston.

Unity, New Hampshire- to rely on mutual aid after fire department resigns. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.


REV Group acquires Ferrara. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Week of April 17, 2017



Retired Lawrence, MA Lieutenant Frank Wolfendale passed away.

Retired Holliston, MA Deputy Chief Donald Kramer, 78, passed away on April 17th.


LODD- New York City Firefighter William Tolley died after falling from the roof of an apartment building while fighting a fire in Queens on April 20th.

LODD- Wyoming, OH Deputy Chief James J. Benken, 65, passed away after suffering a medical emergency shortly after completing a 24 hour shift.


Barre City, VT Truck 30- 2017 HME 2000/500/104' RM Twr
Bolton, MA Engine 5- 2016 Rosenbauer Commander 1500/750/30A 4x4
Fall River, MA Engine 9- 2017 Ferrara Igniter 1500/750/75A
Fall River, MA Rescue 6- 2016 Ford F-550/Horton 4X4 ambulance
Franklin, NH Engine 1- 2017 Sutphen Monarch
Lynnfield, MA Engine 1- 2017 E-One Typhoon 1500/780/30F
Methuen, MA Tower Ladder 1- 2017 KME Severe Service 95’ RMA Tower
Sharon, CT Engine 5- 2017 E-One Typhoon 1500/1000
Tiverton, RI Rescue 2- 2016 International TerraStar/Horton ambulance
Wells, ME Tank 5- 2017 Freightliner/E-One 1500/3000
Windham, NH Tanker 2- 2017 Mack Granite/Rosenbauer 1500/3000



Acton, Mass Fire Department- has taken delivery of a 2017 Chevy Tahoe for the shift commander, Car 30.

Alburgh, Vermont Fire Department- pumper out of service after motor vehicle accident. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Littleton, Mass Fire Department- has placed into service a refurbished Stewart & Stevenson LMTV which was acquired through military surplus. Designated Forestry 1, the unit was out fitted for brush fires by Littleton Firefighters and painted by workers at MCI Norfolk.

Manchester, New Hampshire Fire Department- has placed an order with E-One for a new pumper that will be assigned to Engine 6.

Methuen, Mass Fire Department- has purchased a 2007 Ford F-450/AEV ambulance that will be used as a spare. The unit previously served in North Andover.

Princeton, Mass Fire Department- has placed into service a 1991 Chevy Kodiak/Supervac medium duty rescue. It was originally owned and operated by the Brookside VFC in East Brunswick, NJ. The truck has been designated Squad 1 and replaces a 1981 GMC.

York, Maine Fire Department- Pierce has begun production on the new Velocity tanker. It will feature a 1500 GPM pump and 2500 gallon water tank. When in service, it will replace Engine 6 and Tank 4.



Brattleboro, Vermont Fire Department- is now operating out of their new West Brattleboro Station. The new station was built at the site of the former station at 16 South Street.

Norwalk, Connecticut Fire Department- Fire Chief Larry Reilly will retire this June after 42 years of service.

Pepperell, Mass- opts for regional distpach. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Scarborough, Maine- to keep dispatch duties in house. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Walpole, Mass Fire Department- grounbreaking held for new fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.


Press release from the U.S. Coast Guard- The Coast Guard will decommission its eighth high endurance cutter after nearly 50 years of service as part of recapitalization efforts during a ceremony at Base Honolulu, Tuesday.
The Coast Guard Cutter Morgenthau (WHEC 722), a 378-foot high endurance cutter, will be decommissioned after nearly 50 years of service, including action in the Vietnam War, numerous major drug interdictions and law enforcement cases, and a variety of noteworthy rescues.
Cutter Morgenthau, commissioned March 10, 1969, was the eighth of 12 Hamilton-class high endurance cutters built by Avondale Shipyards in New Orleans. High endurance cutters are the largest cutters, aside from the three major icebreakers and national security cutters, ever built for the Coast Guard.
Morgenthau was active in the Vietnam War, conducting underway replenishment, naval gunfire support, and patrol duties off the coast of Vietnam until relieved by a 311-foot cutter in 1971.
In 1977, Morgenthau became the first cutter to have women permanently assigned, which paved the way for numerous women to serve aboard Coast Guard cutters nationwide.
In the fall of 1996, Morgenthau was the first U.S. Coast Guard cutter to deploy to the Arabian Gulf. Participating in Operation Vigilant Sentinel, Morgenthau enforced Iraq’s compliance with United Nations sanctions. Following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Morgenthau participated in Operation Noble Eagle to safeguard America’s prominent port cities through closer scrutiny of maritime traffic.
The U.S. State Department is coordinating the transfer of Morgenthau through the Foreign Assistance Act. This act allows the transfer of excess defense articles as a grant to friendly, foreign governments.

Week of April 10, 2017



Wethersfield, CT Deputy Chief Bjorn Wilson passed away.


LODD- Burtonsville, MD Volunteer Firefighter Charles ‘Rick’ Gentilcore, 52, was found unresponsive at the fire station and crews were unable to resuscitate him.


Ashland, MA Engine 1- 2017 E-One Typhoon 1500/750/30F
Boston Engine 16- 2017 E-One 1250/560/30F
Lancaster, NH Ambulance 5- 2017 Ford E-350/Medix ambulance
North Conway, NH Engine 3- 2017 E-One Typhoon 1500/1000/30F
Seekonk, MA Rescue 1- 2017 Ford F-550/Life Line 4X4 ambulance
Tilton-Northfield, NH Ambulance 1- 2017 Ford F-550/Horton ambulance



Blandford, Mass Fire Department- has constructed a brush unit on the chassis of a 1997 Stewart and Stevenson. It features a 250 GPM pump and 850 gallon water tank.

Chelsea, Mass Fire Department- has on order a Pierce 105' RMA for Ladder 2.

Chicopee, Mass Fire Department- funds approved to purchase a new ambulance.

Durham, New Hampshire Fire Department- the department has purchased a 2016 Ferrara Inferno 2000/300/100' RM tower former demonstrator. The unit will be delivered after some modifications have been made that were requested by the department.

Johnston, Rhode Island Fire Department- has ordered two (2) E-One pumpers for Engine 2 and Engine 3.

Keene, New Hampshire Fire Department- 19 Engine 2's 2013 KME Predator 1500/1000 had a small fire in one of the front warning lights. The rig was outside when the incident happened and the damage was minimal.

Linneus, Maine Fire Department- has acquired a 2000 Spartan Gladiator/Marion 1250/500. The unit was donated to the department by the Middletown, CT Fire District.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)- has taken delivery of a 2017 KME heavy rescue. Not a lot of information about this truck is available other than it's built on a commercial chassis (Peterbilt?) and will be utilized by MBTA personnel specially trained in tech rescue.

South Deerfield, Mass Fire Department- has on order a KME Panther heavy rescue.

Westborough, Mass Fire Department- has signed a contract with SVI to built a new heavy rescue. The truck will have a Spartan MetroStar chassis and feature a 1250 GPM pump, 300 gallon water tank and an 18’ walk around body. Pre Construction will be in the next couple months with delivery in spring of 2018.



Amherst, New Hampshire Fire Department- department to hire 3 new firefighters. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Bangor, Maine Fire Department- Stephen and Tabitha King donate money so department can purchase thermal imager. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Boston Fire Department- graduating class made up of all veterans. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Central Coventry, Rhode Island Fire Department- is selling the Harris Fire Station which closed in 2013. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Everett, Mass Fire Department- firefighters promoted. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Fairfield, Connecticut Fire Department- promotions and new firefighter hired. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Fryeburg, Maine Fire Department- 2 members celebrate 70 years with the department. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Grand Isle, Vermont Fire Department- breaks ground on new fire station. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Lincoln County, Maine- launches new communications system. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Presque Isle, Maine Fire Department- ambulance service taken over by fire department. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Rochester, New Hampshire Fire Department- Fire Chief Norm Sanborn Jr will retire at the end of May with 42+ years of service.

Tewksbury, Mass Fire Department- new fire station needs approval vote at May 1st Town Meeting to move forward. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.


The U.S. Coast Guard commissioned the 154' fast response cutter John McCormick in Ketchikan, AK on April 12th.


Week of April 3, 2017



LODD- Chicopee, MA Firefighter Anthony Spano passed away after he collapsed while exercising.

Senator Ken Donnelly passed away at the age of 66. He previously served as a Lexington, MA Firefighter and elected official of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts.


LODD- Keystone Hook and Ladder Co #1 (Myerstown, PA) Firefighter James H. Yiengst, 72, fell ill and then passed away after responding to a motor vehicle accident.


Attleboro, MA Engine 1- 2017 Pierce Enforcer pumper
Bedford, MA Medic 2- 2017 Ford F-550/Horton 4x4 ambulance
Franklin, MA Rescue 3- 2017 Ford F-550/Horton 4x4 ambulance
Goshen, CT Ambulance 8- 2017 Ford E/ ambulance
Mallets Bay (Colchester, VT) Ladder 3- 2017 E-One 75' RM Quint
Portsmouth, RI Rescue 2- 2017 Ford F-550/Life Line 4x4 ambulance
Rockingham, VT Tanker 1- 2017 Freightliner/KME 3000 gal
South Kingstown EMS, RI Paramedic 1- 2016 Ford E-450/PL Custom ambulance



Dover, New Hampshire Fire Department- funds have been approved to purchase a new quint that will replace Engine 4's 2000 Spartan/Smeal.

Fall River, Mass Fire Department- has awarded the bid for a new heavy rescue to C&S Specialty & EVI. The new rescue will be built on a Spartan chassis and will feature a walk-through style body with light tower on the roof. Also on order are three (3) Ferrara pumpers and a tower-ladder.

Jay, Vermont Fire Department- has purchased a 2006 Spartan/Toyne 1500/500. No info on original owner.

Limestone, Maine Fire Department- has acquired a 1998 Spartan/Smeal 1250/500 Telesquirt. No other info.

Madbury, New Hampshire Fire Department- Selectmen signed a contract with Marion for a new pumper. The engine will first be used as a demonstrator by the manufacturer and will be delivered to the town in 2018. The town will save up to $50,000 for letting Marion use the engine as a demo prior to delivery.

Tolland, Mass Fire Department- the now defunt Burrville (CT) Fire Department has gifted a Spartan/Luvenre pumper and Ford light rescue to the department.



Adams, Mass Fire Department- Fire Chief Paul Goyette will step down after 40 years of service.

Burrillville Fire Department (Torrington, Conn)- BFD closes it's doors permanently. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Dennis, Mass Fire Department- promotes 2 firefighters. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

East Haven, Connecticut Fire Department- Fire Chief Douglas Jackson has retired after 30+ years of service. Matthew Marcarelli has been named as the new Fire Chief. He had been serving as Acting Fire Chief in New Haven.

Lynn, Mass Fire Department- due to the financial situation in the city, the plan to build a new firehouse has been scrapped.

Lynn, Mass Fire Department- budget cuts lead to brown outs. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Nantucket, Mass Fire Department- bid for new station comes in over budget. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Searsmont, Maine Fire Department- town meeting has changed the fire chief's position from being an elected position to an appointed one.

Tewksbury, Mass Fire Department- town meeting approved funds to build a new Headquarters Fire Station.


United States Coast Guard- has commissioned the 6th National Security Cutter. The USCGC Munro (WMSL 755) is a 418 foot cutter "capable of executing the most challenging national security missions, including support to U.S. combatant commanders."

Stratford, CT Firefighters launch benefit for family of fallen firefighter. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Deceased Hampton, New Hampshire Firefighter honored. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Call for a fire interrupts Assistant Chief's funeral. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

Retird Pittsfield, MA Firefighter saves 2 dogs from burning building. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.