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The following photos are from the collection of the late Warren Newcomb, a Stoneham Firefighter. These photos and newspaper articles pertain to the Stoneham Fire Department and its members and cover a period from the late 1940's through the mid 1970's. The photos listed below are small to form a thumbnail gallery, but if you click on the photo it will bring up a larger version to see the photo better and read the captions/articles.

3/22/12- Following the Warren Newcomb collection I have added 17 photos taken by Don Young between the late 1960's and late 1980's. These were submitted by my friend Don Beckwith and are part of his photo collection.

Don Young Photos provided by Don Beckwith.
1- Stoneham 1/21/54. Double fatal fire on Lindenwood Road.
2- Another photo from Lindenwood Road.
3- A third shot from Lindenwood Road.
4- MVA from Stoneham at Elm Street and MacArthur. Unknown date, late 1960's.
5- Stoneham 9/16/64- Box 56, 11 Steele Street.
6- MVA Route 93 at Medford line, possibly 1967.
7- MVA roll over in possibly 1968
8- Same MVA as 7.
9- Same MVA as 7 and 8.
10- Woburn 5/10/86- Linscott School.
11- Another from Woburn.
12- Stoneham May 1987- 2 Alarms, Main Street.
13- Chief Bill Abbott and Lieutenant Bill Carr taken in the 1980's.
14- Stoneham 8/18/84- Spencer Street. Jim McDermott in this photo.
15- Another photo from Spencer Street.
16- Another photo from Spencer Street.
17- Last one from Spencer Street.

Old Stoneham Candid Photos, added June 2016