Retired Brandon, VT Fire Chief Roman Wdowiak, 68, passed away on May 22nd.

Retired Brookline, MA Deputy Chief John F. Spillane has passed away.

Retired Pelham, NH Fire Chief E. David Fisher passed away on May 26th.

Retired Stoneham, MA Firefighter Bill Kelley passed away on May 25th.

Cromwell, CT Fire Marshal Todd Gray Gagnon, 58, passed away on May 22nd. CLICK FOR OBITUARY.

Retired Winthrop, MA Fire Chief Paul Ford passed away on May 19th.

Retired Newton, MA Firefighter Albert J. Comeau, 93, passed away on May 10th.

Retired Loudon, NH Fire Chief Roger N. Dow, 86, passed away on May 9th.

Retired Gardner, MA Call Lieutenant Paul Ronn passed away on May 7th at the age of 80. He was also a veteran of the United States Army.

Retired Cambridge, MA Firefighter Denis Tevlin passed away at the age of 69. He was also a veteran of the United States Army.

Retired Newton, MA Captain Stanley J. DeStefano passed away on May 3rd at the age of 93.

Ashland, NH Captain Captain Jeff Uhlman passed away on April 30th.

LODD- Jackson, Maine Lieutenant Harold “Eddie” Moore Jr., 42, suffered a fatal medical emergency on April 28th after returning home from a residential structure fire.

Former Edgecomb, ME Volunteer Captain Steve Fenton, 77, passed away on April 19th from COVID-19.

Longtime Hotchkiss Hose Co (Derby, CT) Firefighter Robert J. Turschmann passed away on April 15th at the age of 71. He served with the fire company for 51 years and was also a Vietnam War veteran.

Retired Maine State Fire Marshal Charles Gordon Hopper, 80, passed away on April 17th due to COVID-19.

Howard Arnold Beeman, 94, a lifetime member of the Stratford, CT Volunteer Fire Company #3, passed away on April 16th.

West Warwick, RI Fire Alarm Dispatcher Kenneth “Hoppy” Hoskin passed away at the age of 64. He was also a retired Firefighter from Providence.

Retired Templeton, MA Firefighter Michael P. “Mike” “Mitch” Koziol, 68, passed away on April 11th.

Retired Methuen, MA Firefighter Harold R. Spaniol, 82, passed away on April 9th.

Retired Crafstbury, VT Retired Assistant Chief Eugene Marckres passed away.

Retired Henniker, NH Deputy Chief Joe Gilbert past away.

Former Wilmington, VT Volunteer Firefighter Cleon Boyd, 64, passed away from the COVID-19 virus.

Branford, CT (Indian Head Co (9) Captain Thomas M. Raiola passed away on March 30th after battling ALS.

LODD- Framingham, Mass Deputy Chief Brad Smith passed away from occupational cancer.

Watertown, CT retired Fire Chief Avery Wilcox Lamphier, 95, passed away on March 23rd. He was also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, having served in World War II.

Active Duty Lawrence, MA Fire Alarm Operator Sylvio "Sy" Uliano Jr., 63, passed away on March 19th after a brief illness.

LODD- Boston Firefighter Anthony Thompson, 57, passed away on March 10th from occupational cancer.

Retired Skowhegan, ME Fire Chief Carl McKenney passed away on March 6th at the age of 78.

Retired Methuen, MA Firefighter John R. “PJ” Morin passed away at the age of 68. PJ was a former union president and served with the Methuen Fire Department for 32 years.

Retired Newburyport, Mass and Sanford, Maine Assistant Chief Stephen Cuttler passed away on March 4th after a lengthy illness.

Retired Putney, VT Assistant Fire Chief David "Stub" Short passed away.

North Andover, MA Firefighter Brett C. Rodden, 45, passed away on February 12th.

Retired Medford, MA Firefighter Ernest "Sonny" Galante Jr. passed away on February 21st at the age of 90.

Retired Monmouth, ME Fire Chief Paul C. Fox, 84, passed away on February 19th.

Retired Burlington, VT Fire Chief and Concord, NH Fire Chief John M. Dionne, 77, passed away on February 10th. He also was a captain with FDNY and served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Active Duty Manchester, NH Firefighter Mason P. Murphy, 25, passed away unexpectedly on February 16th.

Retired Everett, MA Fire Chief David Butler, 65, passed away on February 19th after a long battle with cancer.

Wilton, NH Volunteer Firefighter John A. Jowders, 56, passed away on February 11th.

Retired Auburn, Mass Call Lieutenant John R. Willis, 76, passed away on February 16th.

Echo Hose Hook & Ladder (Shelton, CT) Captain Joseph Kunzik passed away on February 17th at the age of 61.

Retired New Haven, CT Fire Commissioner William Celentano Jr. passed away at the age of 81.

Past International Association of Fire Buffs President Bill Celentano passed away on February 11th. Bill was also IFBA Vice President at Large, President of Box 22 out of New Haven, and the IFBA Fire Buff of the Year in 2001.

Cranston, RI active duty Captain Greg Coleman passed away on February 10th from occupational cancer.

Portland, CT longtime firefighter Richard W. Basso passed away on February 7th at the age of 63.

Retired Canton, MA Firefighter Andrew T. Johnson passed away at the age of 97. He was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.

Malden, MA Emergency Center Chief and Correction Officer Chris Acres passed away on January 29th.

Retired Mechanic Falls, ME Firefighter Gregory S. Herrick passed away Februbary 1st at the age of 73.

LODD- Pease Air Force Base (NH) Firefighter Michael J. Galimberti, 50, passed away from occupational cancer.

LODD- New Bedford, MA Firefighter Russ Horn passed away from occupational cancer.

East Montpelier, VT Volunteer Firefighter Bill George, 68, died unexpectedly on January 3rd.

LODD- Weymouth, MA Firefighter Christopher Still passed away from occupational cancer.

Active Duty- Lieutenant Jeffrey King of the Haverhill, MA Fire Department passed away unexpectedly. He was an Air Force Veteran and also served with the Amesbury Fire Department as well as Trinity Ambulance.

LODD- Orange, CT Fire Marshal Timothy Smith, 56, passed away from injuries received in a motor vehicle accident after he left the scene of an investigation on January 19th.

Retired Medford, MA Firefighter Robert W. Minichiello passed away on January 8th.

Retired Lawrence, MA Firefighter Raymond N Pelletier, 88, passed away on January 2nd. He was also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and served during the Korean War.

Rutland Town, VT Retired Assistant Fire Chief Bruce E. Egan, 72, passed away.

Somerset, MA Fire Chief Scott Jepson passed away suddenly on January 2nd at the age of 54.

Retired Boxborough, MA Firefighter Robert F. "Bo" Sokolowski, 59, passed away unexpectedly on January 3rd.

Retired Stamford, CT Firefighter Michael "Mickey" Bruce Coppola passed away at the age of 89 on December 22, 2019.


LODD- Chicago, IL Firefighter Edward Singleton, 55, passed away from symptoms related to COVID-19.

LODD- Bay Head, NJ Firefighter Dave Clark, 47, passed away from complications related to COVID-19.

LODD- Independence, MO Firefighter David F. Jameson Jr.,52, passed away on May 7th after suffering a medical emergency at the scene of a fire.

LODD- New Rochelle, NY Captain Andrew DiMaggio, 57, passed away after contracting COVID-19.

LODD- Seminole Tribe, FL Fire Chief Don DiPetrillo, 70, passed away from complications of COVID-19.

LODD- White Plains, NY Deputy Fire Chief Edward Ciocca, 62, passed away on March 24th from complications of COVID-19.

LODD- American Samoa Bureau of Fire Division Captain Mike Tipoti and Captain Allen Velega were killed when the apparatus they were in crashed.

LODD- River Grove, IL Firefighter/Paramedic Robert “David” Reisinger, 57, passed away on April 29th after suffering a stroke. He had contracted COVID-19 and was recovering when the stroke occured.

LODD- El Paso, TX Fire Suppression Technician Eduardo Ramirez passed away on April 21st after performing physical training at his station.

LODD- Passaic, NJ Firefighter Israel Tolentino, 33, passed away from complications caused by COVID-19.

LODD- Chicago, IL Firefighter Mario Araujo, 49, passed away on April 7th from COVID-19.

LODD- Burlington Fire Protection District, KY Fire Sergeant John "Andy" Andrew Kuchar III, 43, passed away during surgery on his elbow which he injured on March 2nd.

Retired FDNY Firefighter Steve "The Brick" Brickman passed away from 9/11/01 related cancer. CLICK FOR ARTICLE.

LODD- Terre Haute, IN John Schoffstall, 41, passed away from COVID-19.

LODD- Detroit, MI Captain Franlin Williams passed away from COVID-19.

LODD- Valley Stream, NY Volunteer Firefighter Michael Field, 59, passed away after contracting COVID-19.

LODD- Tryon, NC Fire Chief James Waters, 40, passed away after contracting COVID-19.

LODD- Montcalm, WV Volunteer Firefighter Zachary Blankenship, 26, suffered a stroke following a structure fire on March 5th and passed away on March 15th.

LODD- Forsyth Township, MI Firefighter Ben Lauren, 23, died while battling a structure fire on March 13th.

LODD- Thoroughfare, NC Safety Officer Joe Tucker, 62, passed away after suffering a medical emergency at a fire scene on March 8th.

LODD- Firefighter Jerome Guise, 34, of Citizen's Fire Company No. 1 in Mount Holly Springs, PA, was fatally struck by heavy timbers from a front porch roof while battling a fire on March 9th.

LODD- Indianola, NE Firefighter Donald "Donny" Lepper, 46, collapsed and died at home unexpectedly the morning after responding to a grass fire.

LODD- Porterville, CA Captain Raymond Figueroa, 35, was killed battling a fire at the city library. The fire is believed to be intentionally set.

LODD- Fort Hancock, TX Fire Chief Manuel Galindo Jr., 71, was ejected from the apparatus after it unexpectedly veered off the road on February 12th.

LODD- Spring Lake, NC Firefighter Corbin Rogers, 20, died on January 31st in a vehicle accident while returning from a ladder training class.

LODD- Willow, AK Volunteer Firefighter Roger DeLongchamp, 66, was found uncounscious behind the wheel of a department vehicle on January 18th while waiting for other firefighters to arrive to respond to a call. Despite quick resuscitation efforts, he was unable to be revived.

LODD- Roswell, GA Firefighter John Kevin Cash was found dead in the bunkroom on January 21st by the incoming day shift after he worked the overnight.

LODD- Howard Lake, MN Fire Chief Daryl Drusch, 49, died at home on January 13th after responding to a call.

LODD- Homewood, AL Fire Chief John Bresnan, 59, passed away after suffering a medical emergency while in his office.

LODD- Spencer Roane, WV Firefighter Mark Horwich was killed when the apparatus he was driving rolled over while responding to an incident on January 11th.

LODD- Lubbock, TX Lieutenant David Eric Hill, 39, was killed when he was struck by a motor vehicle while working at an accident scene on January 11th. A 27 year old police officer, Nicholas Reyna, was also killed at the same accident.

LODD- West Peculiar, MO Firefighter Chuck McCormick, 30, was killed at a house fire when he fell through the floor and down to the basement.

LODD- North East VFD, MD Volunteer Fire Engineer Otis L. Isaacs Jr., 73, passed from a medical emergency after doing work with the department. He previously served as Chief Engineer, President and Chief of Department.