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CG36500 36' Coast Guard boat used in the 1952 rescue of 32 members of the SS Pendleton which had broken in half during a severe storm off the coast of Cape Cod
USCG MH-60 Jayhawk Jayhawk helicopters
Annisquam Light Gloucester, Mass
Avery Point Lighthouse, Groton CT no longer an active aid to navigation
Beavertail Lighthouse Jamestown, RI
Biddeford, ME CG StationFormer Station, no longer active
Borden Flats Lighthouse, Fall River Mass priavely owned, no longer active aid to navigation
Boston, Mass Coast Guard base w/ small boats and cutters
Boston, MA CG Station 29' Response Boat-Small and 45' Respnose Boat-Medium
Boston Light active aid to navigation
Boston, MA ISC Support BaseCommercial Street, Boston
Boston, MAJayHawk Helicopter doing a rescue swimmer demo on 6/30/12
Brant Point CG Station - Nantucket, MA 47' Motor Life Boat and Station
Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket Mass active aid to navigation
Bristol Ferry Lighthouse Bristol, RI
Bristol, RI 49' Aids to Navigation boat
Bullocks Point Light Providence, RI
Burlington, VT CG StationStation and small craft
Burlington, VT CG Station25' Rigid Hull, number 255056
Burlington, VT CG Station255070- 25' Rigid Hull
Butler Flats Lighthouse, New Bedford Mass privately operated aid to naviation
Cape Cod Air Station Otis, MA MH-60 Jayhawk, Falcon, MC-144
Cape Cod Canal Station CG Station in Sandwich, Mass
Cape Elizbeth Light, Maine active aid to navigation
Casco Bay, ME ex CG Station now privately owned
Castle Hill, RI CG Station Newport, RI - (2) 45' Response Boat-Mediums
Castle Hill, RI Lighthouse active aid to navigation
Chatham MA CG Station42' small craft, number 42001
Chatham, MA CG Station Station and Lighthouse
Clark's Point Lighthouse New Bedford, Mass - inactive
Conanicut Lighthouse privately owned, Jamestown RI
Conimicut Lighthouse Warwick, RI
Derby Wharf Lighthouse Salem, Mass
Dice Head Light Castine, Maine
Dog Bar Breakwater Gloucester, Mass
Dolphin HelicopterOn board a cutter in 1991. HH-65A variant.
Doubling Point Light Arrowsic, Maine
Doubling Range Lights Arrowsic, Maine
Dutch Island Light Jamestown, RI
Eastern Point Light Gloucester, Mass
Falmouth, MAHH-60 Jayhawk doing dive rescue training on 5/19/12.
Five Mile Point Lighthouse New Haven, CT
Fort Myers Beach, FL 45' hull number 45740
Fort Myers Beach, FL 29' hull number 29131
Fort Pickering Lighthouse Salem, Mass
Fort Point Lighthouse Stockton Springs, Maine
Galveston, TXCoast Guard Base
Gloucester, MA Coast Guard Station
Goat Island Lighthouse Newport, RI
Graves Lighthouse Boston Harbor
Hartford, CT Station25's small boat, hull number 25836
Highland Light Truro, Mass
Hog Island Shoal Light Hog Island Shoal, RI
Hospital Point Lighthouse & Range Light Beverly, Mass
Hyannis Harbor Light Hyannis, Mass - privately owned
Indian Head, FLSmall boat navigating waterway
Juneau, AK CG Station47' Motor Life Boat
Latimer Reef Lighthouse Fishers Island, NY
Lightship Nantucket LV112 Retired, now a museum
Lightship Sailors Memorial New Bedford, Mass
Limerock Light Newport, RI
Little Gull Lighthouse Fishers Island, NY
Long Island Light Boston Harbor
Marblehead Light Marblehead, Mass
Marshal Point Lighthouse St. George, ME
Martha's Vineyard, MA CG Station25' small craft, number 25453
Martha's Vineyard, MA CG Station41' Utility Boat, 41441
Merrimac River Station Newburyport, Mass - Station & front/rear range lights
Menemsha CG Station, Martha's Vineyard MASmall Boat Station
Miami, FL CG ISC and StationISC Base and Small Boat Station
Miami, FL CG Station45' small craft, number 45648
Minot's Ledge Light Scituate, Mass
Morgan Point Light Noank, CT
Nahant Life Saving Station former CG life saving station, Nahant Mass
Nantucket, MA CG Station47' underway, number 47289
Nantucket Lightship LV-112 former USCG lightship, museum in East Boston
Nantucket Lightship LV-612 former USCG lightship, privately owned
Nantucket Lighship LV-613 former USCG lightship, privately owned
Nauset Lighthouse Eastham, Mass
Nayatt Point Lighthouse Barrington, RI
Ned's Light Mattapoisett, Mass
New Haven, CT CG Station25' small craft, number 25451
New London Harbor Light New London, CT
New London Ledge Light New London, CT
New London, CT Station small boat station in New London, CT
Newport, RI Coast Guard Base various cutters and craft at the Newport base
Nobska Lighthouse Woods Hole, Mass
North Dumpling Light Fisher's Island, NY
Nubble Light York, Maine
Ocean City, MD 47' MLB 47312
Owl's Head Lighthouse Owl's Head, ME
Palmer Island Light New Bedford, MA
Pemaquid Lighthouse St. George, ME
Plum Beach Island Light North Kingstown, RI
Plum Island Lighthouse Newburyport, MA
Point Allerton CG Station Hull, Mass
Point Judith, RI Light Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station
Pomham Rocks Light East Providence, RI
Poplar Point Lighthouse North Kingstown, RI
Portland Breakwater Light South Portland, Maine
Portland Head Lighthouse Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Portsmouth Harbor CG Station New Castle, NH

Portsmouth Harbor Light Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth, NH Base at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Prudence Island Lighthouse Prudence Island, RI
Pumpkin Island Lighthouse Pumpkin Island, Maine
Race Rock Lighthouse Fisher's Island, NY
Ram Island Ledge Light Portland, Maine
Rockland, ME Station USCGC Tackle, USCGC Abbie Burgess, 47' MLBs, 29' RB-S
Rockland Breakwater Light Rockland, ME
Rose Island Lighthouse Newport, RI
St. Petersburg, FL CG Station25' Rigid Hull, number 25464
Sandwich, MA CG Station49' Aids to Navigation boat, hull number 49403
Sandwich, MA CG StationSmall Craft
Sandwich, MA CG Station41' Utility Boat, hull number 41363
Sandwich, MA CG Station47' Motor Life Boat, hull number 47322
Sandwich, MA CG Station25' small craft
Sankaty Head Lighthouse Nantucket, Mass
South Portland, ME Station 47' Motor Life Boat
Spring Point Ledge Light South Portland, Maine
Straitsmouth Light Rockport, Mass
Thatcher Island Twin Lights Rockport, Mass
Ten Pound Light - Gloucester, Mass active aid to navigation
Venice, FL CG Station45' UTB Coard Guard Craft
Warwick Lighthouse Warwick, RI
Whaleback Lighthouse Kittery, Maine
Wood Island Life Saving restored life saving station, Kittery ME
Wood Island Lighthouse Old Orchard Beach, ME
Woods Hole Station Falmouth, Mass
USCG 3313533' boat operating in waters off Florida coast
USCG 40548vintage 40'
USCG 49405 49' Aids to Navigation Boat
USCGC Abbie Burgess, WLM-553 175' buoy tender
USCGC Active, WMEC-618 210' medium endurance cutter
USCGC Acushnet WMEC-167Medium Endurance Cutter, home port AK
USCGC Albacore, WPB-87309 87' Patrol Boat
USCGC Alder WLB-216 224' buoy tender
USCGC Alert, WMEC-630 210' Medium Endurance Cutter, home port in Astoria, OR
USCGC Alex HaleyMedium Endurance Cutter, home port in Kodiak AK
USCGC Anthony Petit WLM-558175' buoy Tender, home port in Ketchikan AK
USCGC Bear WMEC-901 270' Medium Endurance Cutter, home port in Portsmouth, VA
USCGC Beluga, WPB 87325 87' Patrol Boat in Sandwich, MA
USCGC Bittersweet, WLB-389 180' buoy tender, decommissioned in 1997
USCTC Bollard, WYTL-65614 65' harbor tug, home port in New Haven, CT
USCGC Campbell WMEC-909270' Medium Endurance Cutter, home port in Portsmouth NH
USCGC Cape George, WPB-95306 95' patrol boat, now decomissioned
USCGC Chase, WHEC-718 378' high endurance cutter
USCGC Chinook WPB-8730887' Patrol Boat
USCGC Cimarron WLR-65502

65' river buoy tender

USCGC Cobia WPB-87311 87' Patrol Boat at Station Woods Hole, MA
USCGC Dallas WHEC-716378' High Endurance Cutter, home port in South Carolina
USCGC Drummond WPB-1323110' Patrol Boat, home port in Miami FL
USCGC Eagle WIX-327Training Barque, home port New London CT
USCGC Edisto WAGB 284Ice Breaker, circa 1968
USCGC Escanaba WMEC 907270' Medium Endurance Cutter, home ported in Boston
USCGC Finback WPB-87314 87' patrol boat
USCGC Flying Fish WPB 8734687' patrol boat out of Boston
USCGC Flying Fish and USCGC Pendant87 Patrol Boat and Harbor Tug, taken in Boston Mass
USCGC Forward WMEC-911 270' Medium Endurance Cutter
USCGC George Cobb WLM 564175' Coastal Buoy Tender, San Pedro, CA
USCGC Grand Isle WPB 1338110' Patrol Boat, home port in Gloucester Mass
USCGC Hammerhead, WPB 8730287' Patrol Boat
USCGC Hawser, WYTL 6561065' ice breaking tug
USCGC Healy WAGB-20 420' icebreaker
USCGC Ida Lewis WLM 551 175' Keeper Class Buoy Tender
USCGC Ingham, WHEC 35Retired/Museum ship in Key West, FL
USCGC Jarvis378' High Endurance Cutter, home port in CA
USCGC Jefferson Isle WPB 1340110' Patrol Boat, home ported in Maine
USCGC John Patterson WPC-1153 154' Fast Response Cutter in Boston
USCGC Juniper WLB 201 225' Seagoing Buoy Tender
USCGC Katherine Walker WLM 552 175' Buoy Tender
USCGC Key Largo WPB 1324 110' Patrol Boat, Gloucester Mass
USCGC Line WYTL 6561165' Harbor Tug, photo taken in NY
USCGC Marlin WPB 87304 87' patrol boat
USCGC Marcus Hanna WLM-554 175' Keeper Class buoy tender
USCGC Maurice Jester WPC-1152 154' Fast Response Cutter
USCGC Moray WPB-87331 87' patrol boat (CGC Flyingfish inboard)
USCGC Morrow Bay WTGB-106 and USCGC Eagle140' Harbor Tug with training vessel Eagle behind it
USGCG Nantucket, WPB 1316110' Patrol Boat home ported in St. Petersburg, FL - seen tied up in Nassau Bahamas
USCGC Naushon, WPG 1311 110' Patrol Boat, home port in Ketchican AK
USCGC Northland, WMEC 904 270' Medium Endurance Cutter
USCGC Oak, WLB 211 225' buoy tender
USCGC Pendant, WYTL 65608 65' Harbor Tug, home port Boston
USCGC Point Jackson, WPB-82378 82' Patrol Boat, decommissioned in 2000
USCGC Point Turner, WPB-82365 82' Patrol Boat, decommissioned in 1998
USCGC Razorbill WPB-87332 87' Patrol Boat
USCGC Reef Shark WPB-87371 87' Patrol Boat
USCGC Reliance, WMEC 615 210' Medium Endurance Cutter
USCGC Richard Snyder WPC-1127 154' Fast Response Cutter
USCGC Ridley, WPB-87328 87' Patrol Boat
USCGC Rollin Fritch, WPC-1119 154' Sentinel Class Fast Patrol Cutter
USCGC Sanibel, WPB 1312110' Patrol Boat, home port in Mass
USCGC Sawfish87' Patrol Boat, home port in Florida
USCGC Seneca, WMEC 906 270' Medium Endurance Cutter
USCGC Shackle, 6560965' harbor tug, New Castle NH
USCCGC Sitkinak, WPB-1329 110' Patrol Cutter, Portland Maine
USCGC Spencer, WMEC 905270' Medium Endurance Cutter, Boston MA
USCGC Sturgeon WPB-87336 87' patrol cutter
USCGC Sycamore, WLB-209 225' buoy tender
USCGC Tackle WYTL-65604 65' harbor tub, Rockland ME
USCGC Tahoma, WMEC-908 270' Medium Endurance Cutter, Portsmouth NH
USCGC Taneymuseum ship in Baltimore, MD
USCGC Thunder Bay, WTGB 108140' harbor tug
USCGC Tiger Shark, WPB 87359 87' Patrol Boat
USCGC Towline, WYTL-65605 65' harbor tug, decommissioned in 1995
USCGC Tybee, WPB 1330110' Patrol Boat home port Woods Hole, MA
USCGC Valiant WMEC-621210' Medium Endurance Cutter
USCGC Vigilant WMEC-617 210' Medium Endurance Cutter in Florida
USCGC Warren Deyampert WPC-1151 154' Fast Response Cutter
USCGC White Sage, WLB-544 133' buoy tender, decommissioned in 1996
USCGC William Chadwick WPC-1150 154' Fast Response Cutter
USCGC William Sparling WPC-1154 154' Fast Response Cutter
USCGC Wire, WYTL-65612 65' harbor tug
USCGC Willow, WLB 202 225' seagoing buoy tender