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1970Route 495 under the Fruit Street Bridge
1991 TT unit overturn carrying lumber
Nov 1995 fatal MVA on West Main Street
1996207 Hayden Road
Nov 1996 209 H. Rowe
2-21-2002 house fire at 18 Walcott
7-25-2002 house explosion on Main Street with 2 fatalities
10-25-2002 house fire at 271 West Main Street
4-15-05Lumber Street
2-4-072 Alarms, 22 Hayden Rowe
4-27-072 Alarms, 121 Hayden Rowe
8-2-08Route 495 NB, truck towing trailer over turned
9-6-08TT unit accident, RT 495 NB
9-10-08Ash Street, car vs tree, 3 injured
11-2-0819 Meserve St, Fatality
11-3-083 Alarms, 52 Hayden Rowe
11-9-08Route 495 NorthBound
11-3-08West Main and Oakhurst
12-0850 West Main Street
12-26-08SUV Fire, 495 North Bound
1-1-0959 Ash Street
1-11-09495 NB - R/O
3-17-0930 Pleasant Street
3-30-09Lumber Street
4-16-09West Elm Street
6-21-0991 Main Street, Car into Cumberland Farms Store
7-11-09Mass Pike
7-28-09Route 495 SB
8-20-09Route 495, 4 people transported
8-22-09Main Street, Motorcycle Accident
9-3-09Hopkinton High School
9-6-09RT 495 NB, motorcycle with fatalities
10-7-09Ash Street, one person injured
10-12-09Route 495 SB, R/O w/ Medflight
10-20-09South Street
10-22-09Route 495 NB
11-13-098 Benson Road
12-11-0938 Lakeshore Drive
12-22-0982 South Street
12-31-09Ash Street
1-6-10West Main and Lumber
1-10-10Haden Rowe
2-19-1063 South Street
2-21-10Chestnut Street and Hayden Rowe, 1 person extricated and transported
3-12-10car into retaining wall
3-19-10wood chipper disconnected from truck and rolled over on Fruit St.
5-17-10Cedar Street, van R/O
5-21-10495 NB, 2 tx to hosp after R/O
5-22-10Clinton Street, car vs pole
6-16-10Route 495 NB
7-8-10Route 495 NB, rubbish truck vs car
7-25-10Priscilla Road
7-28-10Car vs Pole
8-18-10pick up went through garage, down an embankment, and then r/o
8-20-10South and Hayward Streets, 2 injuries
9-3-10West Main Street
9-9-10Cedar Street
9-30-10Ash Street, roll over
11-8-10Cedar Street - large tree fell on car
11-17-10Route 495 NB
11-27-10Chimney Fire, Pendulum Pass
11-28-112 Alarms, 94 East Main Street
11-30-10Roll Over - Wood Street
12-19-10Route 495 SB
1-19-11car off the road on Wood Street
1-22-11SUV roll over 495 SB
1-30-112 cars, Hayden Rowe
2-4-11West Main Street
2-5-11Exit Ramp of 495 on to West Main Street
3-13-11Teresa Road
4-28-12Cornell Club, Route 85 - ventilator fire
4-29-112 cars, Grove Street
6-1-11R/O Spring Street
9-8-11car vs. truck, West Main Street
9-10-11Car Fire - Baker Lane
Sept 2011West Main Street - 2 vehicles with extrication
10-20-11Ash Street
12-26-11Route 495 NB
1-30-12Car VS dump truck
4-25-12overturned pickup on Erika Drive.
5-19-12Wood Street
5-24-12Car into house on Pleasant Street
6-23-12Grove and Maple Streets
6-25-12Route 85
8-18-12roll over
9-4-12truck fire, route 495
9-5-12car fire following MVA
9-7-122 cars catch fire after 4-vehicle MVA on Blueburry Lane
9-13-12Truck went off road with diesel fuel spill
9-28-122 car MVA with 2 injuries
10-14-12at 59 Pleasant Street
11-15-12car through guardrail at 80 South Street
11-18-12chimney fire
11-19-12North Mill Street
11-27-1295 Hayden Rowe
11-30-12Main Street, roll over
12-08-12Wood Street
12-10-12Trailside Way
12-11-12East Main Street
12-20-12Easat Street, 1 transported by ambulance
12-26-12Roll over on Route 495 NB, driver extricated
1-5-13Car VS Pole, Ash Street
1-15-13Condo Unit Fire, Appletree Hill
3-22-13LifeFlight called to transport 1 worker that fell off a roof
4-17-13Roll over on Grainte Street
5-16-13Milford and Westboro extinguish a fire in a trailer loader while HFD was occupied with a brush fire
5-22-13MVA, Hayden Row and Chestnut Street
5-28-13MVA, East Main Street
6-19-20broken gas main on Main Street
6-20-13bicycle rider struck by car on West Main Street, transported by MedFlight
6-28-13roll over on West Main Street at the Cumberland Farms gas station
7-22-13 MVA on Route 495  
7-29-13 2 car MVA on Hayden Row with car fire
8-12-13 Firefighters were called to assist an injured worker at 93 East Main Street