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4-4-85 Bowdoin Street
4-10-1985 partial building collapse on Lincoln Street
March 2004?
9-18-04Burger King
9-20-04just down the street from the 9/18 fire
12-8-04Al Baqi Islamic Center
2-17-05Yale Street
5-11-05Gunn Street
12/20/052 Alarms, Lyman Street
10-24-062 Alarms, 296 Tyler Street
11-28-06Kensington Ave
1-7-0742 Nathaniel Street
1-24-07498 Liberty Street
4-03-0754-56 Cleveland Street
4-16-07174 King Street
12-6-0774 Randall Place
12-22-0776 Fort Pleasant Ave
12-27-07629 Sumner Ave
12-28-0711 King Street
1-21-08438 Liberty Street
7-15-082 Alarms, 190 Locust Street
7-30-08323 Bay Street
8-22-0818 Decatur Street
8-27-0861 Windmere Street
9-20-0877 Commonwealth Ave
10-18-0858 Adams Street
11-24-08654 Beacon Circle
11-29-0836 Wildwood Ave
2-2-092905-2097 Main Street
2-29-09533-535 Union St
3-6-09350 Walnut St
3-7-09109 Johnson St
3-20-0982 Crystal Ave
6-27-09671 Bay Street
7-26-0959 Kingsley Street
11-1-09242 Walnut Street
12-12-0930 Clantoy Street
1-20-1056 Montrose Street
1-20-10200 College Street
3-7-1099 Central Street
4-25-102 Alarms, 188 Locust Street
4-29-1025 George Street
5-10-1033-35 Hyde Ave
7-6-1037 Bowdoin Street
8-1-10112 Loring Street
8-26-1016 Berkeley Place
12-14-10132 Avery Street
12-30-102 Alarms, 34 Front Street
1-11-1137-39 Shillingford Street
1-23-1141 Hall Street
1/24/112 Alarms, 100 Benton Street
2-19-1150 Ardmore Street
6-12-1162 Bowdoin Street
7-5-11105-109 Avocado Street
7-11-11883-885 Belmont Ave
8-5-11120 Norfolk Street
8-14-1134 Front Street
12-3-1134-36 Harriet Street
1-28-12132-134 Johnson Street
5-30-122 Alarms, Huntington and Main Streets
6-10-12253 Central Street
7-27-123 Alarms, 262 Liberty Street, Springfield HBA Casting Co
8-5-1257-59 Chester Street
9-28-1242 Kerry Drive
11-11-12384/386 Franklin Street
11-11-1226 Suffolk Street
11-23-12453 Worthington Street - natural gas explosion
11-25-12285 Quincy Street
12-8-12184 Northampton Ave
12-9-1222-24 Medford Street
12-15-12215 Dorset Ave
12-24-12187-189 Northampton Street
1-21-13244 Locust Street
2-20-1319 Grove Street
4-2-1314-16 Wigwam Place
4-7-1372 Mellville Street
4-7-13125 Paridon Street, ex Diamond Match Co
4-11-1317 Adams Street
4-14-1330 Leete Street
4-20-132 Alarms, 2972 Main Street
5-17-13187 Pine Street
6-26-13511 Hancock Street
7-3-139 houses and vehicles on Chase Ave
8-15-13 Chestnut Street
8-15-13 Maynard Street
9-3-13 2 Alarms, 495 Chestnut Street
10-21-13 409 Union Street
3-18-14 29 Vinton Street
3-30-14 3 Oakwood Terrace
7-4-14 Cliftwood Street - apartment fire
8-5-14 31-33 Massachusetts Ave
9-11-14 14-16 Princeton Street
9-19-14 34 Vermont Street
11-15-14 515 Union Street
1-2-15 35 Oak Grove Street
3-3-15 873 Worthington Street
6-15-15 390-392 Walnut Street
9-10-15 2 Alarms, 21 Fort Pleasant Ave.
9-13-15 W/F - 132 Dickinson Street
6-27-16 2 Alarms, 140 Wilbraham Ave (ex high school)
3-12-17 123 Andrews Street
3-4-18 2 Alarms, Loring Street
3-19-18 2 Alarms, 49 Belmont Ave (3 civilan fatalities)
4-9-18 2 Alarms, 21 Bancroft Street
11-23-19 2 Alarms, Yale Street (civilian fatality)
6-22-20 W/F, 859 Armory Street
7-10-20 3 Alarms, Alderman Street
7-19-20 2 Alarms, 558 Plainfield Street
8-23-20 2 Alarms, 291 Mill Street
8-23-20 W/F, 523 White Street
9-19-20 3 Alarms, Mansfield Street - multiple structures
4-1-21 2 Alarms, 284 Lexington Street
5-13-21 Multi Alarm Fire, 166 Northampton Ave
11-4-21 3 Alarms, 18 Edgewood Street
11-20-21 45 Loring Street
1-3-22 2 Alarms, 71-73 Prospect Street
1-26-22 house fire on Westford Ave
1-30-22 structure fire, 45 Monroe Street
2-28-22 2 Alarms, 21 Mountainview Street
6-20-22 house fire, 276 Dickinson Street
8-1-22 2 Alarms, 15-17 Greenwich Street
9-7-22 33 Wakefield Street, house fire w/ civilian fatality
9-24-22 Firefighters were dispatched to 90 Leavitt Street just before 12:30am Saturday September 24th for a structure fire. Rescue Squad was 1st arrive and report heavy fire and smoke showing from the “B” side. Crews made an aggressive interior attack as Truck 2 performed vertical ventilation. It took crews about 45 mins to bring the fire under control. 1 dog was rescued by firefighters.
10-20-22 Firefighters were dispatched just before midnight on October 20th to 58 Wilbraham Ave for a structure fire. 1st arriving units reported smoke and fire showing from a large wood framed home. Crews attacked the fire with multiple lines while Truck 1 provided roof top ventilation. The fire was brought under control in 30 minutes with 1 civilian taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation.
12-13-22 2 alarm structure fire at 177 Leyfred Terrace
1-28-23 3 alarm apartment building fire at the corner of Main and Osgood Streets. Companies arrived to heavy fire showing with it taking over 4 hours to bring the fire under control.
1-30-23 Springfield FF’s were dispatched just before 9pm to the intersection of Main Street and Osgood Street, which ended up being 2473 Main Street and a building fire. Springfield fire alarm was taking multiple 911 calls for the fire. Engine 7 was 1st arrive to report a large 4 story brick building with heavy fire showing. Truck 1 called on scene to report heavy fire showing on the C side and on the orders of Truck 1 LT Jon Shea he ordered a 2nd alarm. Multiple reports of people trapped were reported in the building. The Commissioner arrived and on his orders sounded a 3rd alarm bringing all Springfield equipment to the scene resulting in mutual aid from East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Wilbraham, Agawam and West Springfield to come into the city and cover stations. Crews were ordered out of the building shortly after the 3rd was struck. Crews would remind defensive for the next 3 hours plus as 5 ladder pipes worked to try and contain the flames. Heavy smoke would fill neighborhoods throughout the city resulting in more 911 calls. The stubborn main body of fire was finally knocked down at 02:33, 5 and half hours after the 1st call. Crews are still on scene hitting hot spots. The fire remains under investigation by the Springfield Arson and Bomb Squad. At this time unknown amount of people displaced.
1-30-23 Springfield FF’s were dispatched to 70 Kirk Drive just after 8pm Sunday night for a structure fire. 1st companies arrived to find heavy fire from the A side of 1 story ranch home. Crews made an aggressive attack on the fire. 2 lines were stretched and operating and 1st due truck company cut 2 holes in the roof for ventilation. The fire was knocked down quickly and 1 resident was taking to the hospital with minor injuries. The fire was determined to be electrical in nature.
2-12-23 Working structure fire at 320 Park Ave
3-9-23 Firefighter’s battled this 2nd Alarm fire at 69-71 Princeton Street. 1st arriving crews reported heavy fire showing from a large 2.5 wood framed home on the A side. Crews entered the building for an initial primary search but we driven back by heavy fire and smoke. Mutual aid from Chicopee and West Springfield were called for station coverage. 2 people were displaced as a result of the fire and 1 member of the SFD was treated for minor injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Springfield Arson and Bomb Squad.
10-16-23 2 alarm fatal fire at 116 Grover Street
11-19-23 2nd alarm structure fire on Edgeland Street
1-28-24 2nd alarm fire at Maple and Central for multiple buildings on fire
4-28-24 2 alarm structure fire at 420 Carew Street